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Sandal blue Bandolino Heeled Women's Madia parisian In 2009 students configured a quarter-scale helicopter (left) to be completely autonomous, being that it can fly routes without help from a pilot on the ground. The aircraft is used to study the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture and environmental management. The 3,000-foot-long Cal Poly Pier (right) offers students, faculty and researchers wet and dry lab facilities, a flowing seawater system, aquarium space and many other resources.

Our Role at Cal Poly

The Sponsored Programs office supports Cal Poly’s educational mission by facilitating sponsored research and scholarly activities that enrich the “Learn by Doing” experience. Designated to manage and oversee externally-sponsored projects, as well as Cal Poly Centers and Institutes, the Sponsored Programs office assists faculty and staff by providing research administration services to ensure compliance and proper use of funds. Through a number of different services from contract negotiation and award management to expenditure approval and audit services, Sponsored Programs provides the support needed for students, faculty and staff to create, research and learn.

Services Overview

Are you working on an externally supported research project? Looking to start a project? Sponsored Programs can get you with the answers and the information needed.

Programs Guide »

Sponsored Programs helps faculty and the university enter into financial support agreements. The Program Guide will help you through the process.

Resources »

From information packets and guidance to partner websites and forms, there are a lot of resources available to answer questions and help keep your project moving.
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(805) 756-1123

Building 38, Room 102

1 Grand Ave.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Our Numbers

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Dollars in sponsored project funds managed
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Programs at any give time

Contract and grant analysts

Sponsored Programs Staff

Amy Velasco

Sponsored Programs Director
(805) 756-2485
Email Amy

blue Bandolino Women's Madia Sandal parisian Heeled Melissa Mullen

SPO Audit and Compliance Operations Officer
(805) 756-5729
Email Melissa

Jodi Block

Operations Manager
(805) 756-5139
Email Jodi

Dianne Dotson

Contract and Grant Analyst
(805) 756-1124
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Contract and Grant Analyst
(805) 756-6135
Email Marianne

Megan Husk

Office Coordinator
(805) 756-1123
Email Megan

Stephany Martin

Contract and Grant Analyst
(805) 756-7322
Email Stephany
Contract, Grant and Compliance Analyst
(805) 756-5589
Email Lori

Angel Murakami

Contract and Grant Analyst
(805) 756-1157
Email Angel

Mylissa Weymer

Program Assistant
(805) 756-2959
Email Mylissa
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